Thursday, October 30, 2008

Samhain HNT.

Inspired by VanillaImpaired.

HNT is late this time, for one reason. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, when I get to be someone else for a while. Once I became pagan (twenty years ago? really?), it began to have a different sort of meaning to me. 

So today, like VanImp, I'll be drinking some wine and saying some words to old friends no longer here. This year, for a change, I'm going to celebrate who I'm becoming rather than pretending I'm something or someone I'm not. 

To change. 

And you'll notice toward the bottom my darling boy-cat charging up his lasers for the occasion.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful HNT. Your lips look kissable!

xoxoxo mina

vanimp said...

Awww hunni you absolute sweet, I love your pentacle xxx BB hunni hope it was a peaceful one xxxx

PantheraPardus said...

@longingsend: *blush* heh. Thanks. :) (why does that make me blush more than someone complimenting my breasts? *grin*)

@vanimp Thank was a gift from a friend. He picked it up for me on a trip to Edinburgh. It was a very peaceful one, and I hope yours was too.