Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gaming Night HNT!

So my whole gaming group is kinky.

Tonight, we played for the first time in a few weeks (d20 Modern X-Files homebrewed game). We jokingly threatened CK ("No, don't throw me in that there briar patch!") with being tied up after the game.

Without going into too much detail--because really, I'm simply too tired for a full-blown post--here, ladies and gentlemen, is your HNT for this week. Not me this time, mind you. ;)



Coy Pink said...

Love it! What a fun guest HNT.

Lilly said...

Oh my, how sexy he is! Nice ropework ;)

The Butterfly Temptress said...

Ha! You're geeky like us :) I was actually talked into trying D20 Modern thing. Oh woe is me!

This post however is delicious. No wonder you like gaming nights ;)

Anonymous said...

well now *licks lips* thats a fine HNT :)

xoxoxo mina

PantheraPardus said...

Thanks, ladies. I can't take credit for the fineness of the ass, but I can for the rope. ;)

There were several more shots taken, and I'm gonna hold 'em in reserve for future HNTs, I think. CK wondered why I picked a rear shot, and I had to explain that ya couldn't give away all of the goodies at once and whatnot. *grin*