Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soft and Sweet: HNT and Bonus

First, the soft.

I like textures. I love petting things (and people). I like most textures, but soft things are a particular pleasure. I go into a fabric store and it's like a petting zoo for me. And every once in a while I come across something I can't resist...

I petted a bolt of fake fur at the fabric store last time I was there and couldn't move away from it; I just kept petting it. I finally ended up buying a yard of it. Part of has gone to making a soft mitt to go in my toybag; another part is going to be a mitt for SC. The rest...well, the rest I just pet. :) That or curl up under it so I can feel it on my skin. I really like textures.
*grin* Sprawled out on the sofa, wrapped in soft fur; I feel all 'Slave Chicks of Gor' here.

And now for the bonus.

The sweet: People seemed to get a kick out of the M&Ms in the cleavage shot, so I thought I'd go for another body part and another candy.

So life savers on the hip it became!

...what, you didn't think the sweet referred to me, did you? *snicker*

HHNT, y'all. ;)


Ang said...

Rowr! Textures are AWESOME. So is candy...

Lilly said...

LOL very very cute dear! HHNT!

Curvaceous Dee said...

Yum yum yum! *nibbles*

xx Dee

Ellie said...

This is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet and so very very soft and inviting!

xoxoxo mina

PaganKinktress said...

Fantastic! You're really taking the "sex and candy" theme to great new heights, aren't you? I'd love to see what you would do with a chocolate bar... ;)

Excellent picture; you are very beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. The life savers loo like a candy trail ... Could be fun to follow it and see where it leads. ^_^

Anonymous said...

OH MY!!!
Amazing cleavage!!!!!!
I hope see more this!

vanimp said...

Can me's eat dem life saverz off you purleease you furry thing you! xx HHNT!

PantheraPardus said...

Ang: *grins* Just imagine: twizzler flogger!

lilly, Dee, Ellie, and longingsend: Thankies, ladies! the one with the fur was a nice one to take. I like curling up with that soft material.

PK: Not sure how a chocolate bar would translate on-camera...*snicker* And thank you.

dragonmage and vanimp: Okay, you two don't fight for the lifesavers! There's plenty!

And anon: Thanks. :) If I have plenty of anything, it's cleavage. *bow*