Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Dull Evening...

...but sometimes dull is pleasant.

I've spent the day cross-stitching (thanks for the link to the book, you Erotic Bohemian, you), cleaning random parts of my apartment at random times, singing the fuzzy bits off of my practice rope (cheap manila. my hemp will be in soon) and trying to figure out how to singe off the fuzzies without actually singing the rope, and drinking my newly-delivered shipment of Adagio tea (thanks to Essin' Em for the new tea obsession. I like Republic of Tea, but I think Adagio may win).

And now for the evening. Probably more cross-stitch, research how to condition rope more efficiently, and maybe a hot bath. I decided to break open a bottle of my home-brewed red ale; it's been in the bottle for a few months now and may be at its peak. In fact...

...in fact, it's about perfect. *purr* A thousand times better than when I first bottled it. When getting that bottle out, I realized I still had a bottle of my stout left. I thought I was out. That was a happy discovery. :)

So, consider this post a toast to dull days and dull evenings. Sometimes they're just what's needed.

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