Friday, August 29, 2008


So I bought an old leather jacket at Goodwill for twenty bucks. I did this as much to learn how to work with leather as anything else, because it was simply cheaper than buying leather of the same grade just to practice on.

The jacket was of a thin leather with a soft, not-quite-suede backside. I deconstructed the jacket, and used the arms to make a prototype flogger. I really only made it originally as a pattern, figuring I'd buy good leather to make a real flogger. I kind of wanted to get the feel of it.

Y'know what? I think it may just work as a real toy. The 26 falls are 1/4", and so very very soft. It makes a wicked slapping sound, but a minimum of actual impact. It may even be softer than the brushed-out rope.

I'm pleased with the result. Now to buy good thicker leather and make something a little more intense...*grins evilly*


Jay said...

Your DIY toys look fantastic. Let me know if you need a demo bottom at an point :)

PantheraPardus said...

Jay: Demo bottoms are wonderful things. ;)

the soft leather one didn't hold up, but it wasn't from the construction, per se. There were seams running across the jacket arms, and the seams came apart under use. *snicker* strips of leather flyin everywhere...

When I make a non-prototype one with decent leather, that won't be an issue. Soon!