Sunday, August 3, 2008

Interesting Exercise Routine

So SC left me some of her floggers to practice with. Yes, it may be a little geeky to actually practice with 'em, but then I'm a geek so it works out.

I ended up leaning an office chair against the kitchen counter to get a more natural angle. I started out with the biggest one and moved to the smallest, just like I did on CK. The larger flogger I had to concentrate more on keeping it moving and untangled; control rather than speed. The smallest one I could use far more speed, and could get more force behind it.

I worked on figuring out how to strike with different parts of the flogger (tip vs longer length of strand), how striking from the wrist differs from putting your arm and shoulder behind it, and played with different patterns of movement. It wasn't as fun as playing with the boy, and I didn't get any actual feedback as to how it felt, but from a technical standpoint I think it was helpful.

I learned that it's actually a pretty good arm workout. I may have to learn to use my left hand just to keep things even. *grin* I still want to play with singletails, and I want to get a nice riding crop. I'm getting the idea that I'm going to be spending a lot of money on toys...*sigh*

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