Friday, August 8, 2008

I Can Has Impulse Buy?

So I normally don't impulse buy. I just don't have the income to do so.

I've been window-shopping for nice floggers online to get an idea of pricing structure for 'em, figuring I'd have to save up to get ones of decent quality (100+ for toys! eeek!). So yesterday, I go to a local porn shop to see if they have decent leather cuffs. No dice, unfortunately, but they do have a really really pretty heavy leather flogger in black and red...

It's really aesthetically pleasing. The strands look almost braided, but they're actually looped into themselves. It has a nice weight to it, and it's a decent price (still pricy, but it was right...there...).

I'll be eating ramen for a couple of weeks, but I got meself a toy.

(easily identifiable tattoo once again horribly covered with good ol MSPaint)

And yeah. It has a nice kick to it. I started to worry after the purchase that I'd gotten taken for a ride, and maybe the quality sucked (it looked decent to me, but I'm also not completely sure what to look for). I felt much better after SC looked it over and pronounced it worth the purchase. She also got a kick out of the little lace flogger I'd made, which made me proud (the little thing leaves marks! Nice ones!). toy collection is meager, but growing. I think I may be an official pervert now...*grin*

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