Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How the Other Half Lives

This is going up on my Fetlife journal as well.

Last night, I got my first real flogging...and I still haven't completely wrapped my head around it. Not in a bad way, mind you. There was just a lot to process and I'm still working on that.

CK came over and I cooked dinner. We do this once or twice a week, and it often leads to snuggling. Last night I happened to have the toys SC graciously let me borrow out on the counter, and the boy grabbed the big deerskin one and playfully tapped me on the backside with it. I grinned and said "After dinner."

So, after dinner, we ended up snuggling as is the norm; we started playing around a bit, biting and scratching (also the norm) a little. Finally he ended up biting me on the back of the neck (very, very hard), which throws me extremely quickly into a very bottomy mood (I hesitate to use the word submissive, though that may actually be closer.). And then he made me...

...a milkshake. ;) No, that's not where it ends, but the timing was amusing. *grin* We enjoyed the shakes while we talked a little about topping and bottoming and what we wanted out of each...then once we both knew what page we were on, he stood me up and started in.

I leaned up against the counter in a similar position to the one CK had been in when I topped him. He grabbed the large, soft deerskin flogger first, and started lightly on my back. Very soft feeling, that the brush of a hand. When using anything other than just the tips of the lashes, this one was much more of a thud. I started to relax under the softness of the blows, and then they started to vary in location (back, ass and thighs rather than just my back)and strength. He landed a few just at the end that were much harder and nearly felt like a thumping fist.

Then he switched to the mid-sized one, the bullhide. _That_ one stung. ;) It could also slap, and CK again varied his blows to show me the difference in the sensations. While the deerskin one felt interesting, I enjoyed the bullhide more; it was harsher. He was also able to put a little more muscle behind this one, I think.

Then he switched to the smallest one, the little suede-lace cat that I enjoyed using on him so much...and wow. I understand why he was twitching and growling more with the little one than the larger ones. This one _stung_, and it was _amazingly_ pleasant. He worked with this one for a while, then said he was going to switch back to the deerskin as a closer.

Y'know what? On warm, tingling skin that's been worked over a little with some nice stingy toys, that soft deerskin flogger has a little more impact. ;) He also had me change position a bit to get to my ass and thighs a bit more easily, and I think I jumped at least once when the strands wrapped to my inner thigh (wasn't a bad jump, mind ya).

Once we were done, we cuddled on the couch (I found myself in an _incredibly_ snuggly mood after). It had only been a short period of time (maybe fifteen minutes or so?), but I was pretty surprised at how I felt. It wasn't a full-fledged floaty high like I've heard a lot of bottoms talk about, but it definitely had the edges of it, and it was a _lot_ of fun . I got petted and snuggled and we talked about what we each got out of the experience, and what we wanted to do next time (he's already started planning...this should be fun *grin*).

Today, I found myself thinking about the scene often during the workday. My back is unmarked other than a couple of bites and one nail-mark from where I was scratched (I also have bite-bruises on the back of my neck and both arms, all pleasantly sore. Did I mention the boy bites?), but I still remember the feeling of super-sensitized skin after playtime was over. I can see how someone could get hooked on this feeling...

CK and I are looking for different things when we play, and also different things depending on what role we happen to be taking. It's an interesting dynamic, and one I for one am going to enjoy exploring.

So there you are. Another first. I still want to try a singletail (both ends of it!), but I'm trying to take babysteps. ;)


Curvaceous Dee said...

Isn't it just yummy, being bitten on the back of the neck?

xx Dee

PantheraPardus said...

Oooh, yes it is. It tends to affect me quite a bit.

I have a little quirk in that I have a very animalistic side (and I'm not using that word in a cheeky sexual sense. ;)). My instincts are a little off on occasion. Because of this, if someone bites me on the back of the neck just right (a good hard bite that grabs most of the neck), especially if they're on top of me so I feel their weight? It throws me directly into a really interesting headspace. Shuts the brain completely down.

Fun stuff. ;)