Sunday, July 27, 2008

Y'know, I never thought about it...

I've always had a thing for stage magicians/escape artists.

Escape artists as hot submissives, found on the Erotic Bohemian blog.


Pagan Kinktress said...

Isn't that magician amazing though? I mean, who cares about his talent for escape artistry--it's the sense of need he seems to have to be bound, captured and controlled that I just can't look away from!

Thanks for the link, btw. I am so digging your blog!


PantheraPardus said...

That, and he looks gorgeous in chains. ;)

In all seriousness, I really have always had a fascination for escape artists, and your post really made me think about it a little differently. I think I'll be doing a followup post about that.

And thank you for the lovely compliment! So far there's not a lot to it, and I can't guarantee a lot of amazingly cool content...but if you enjoy watching a learning experience in progress, please keep reading! :)