Sunday, July 27, 2008

Topping for Dummies

So I talked to SC, and we scheduled a 'Topping 101-safe and effective use of impact toys' class with The Boy as test subject. Wednesday night is gonna be interesting.

She's going to be the ideal teacher for this, because she's been in the scene for a lot of years now; not sure exactly how many years, but they number in at least the teens. He's going to be an ideal test subject, because...well, he's a pain slut. :) The only problem is when I play with someone else I'm going to have to learn to dial _down_ until I know what they can take; The Boy has a huge pain tolerance.

But...this is actually a pretty big step in my real-life learning. You can read, research, and be told all about impact play, but hands-on (as it were) experience is a different animal.

My only worry is that I'm not going to have the talent for it. I get the impression that topping someone isn't all about technical skill, but that there's talent involved too...we'll see how it goes.

If this does end up happening Wednesday (real life can always intervene, of course, and push the lesson to a different time), I'll write up a post for it. If there are any pretty marks, I'll see if I can get some pics. ;)


Cinful said...

Sounds fun. I topped people twice, and the weirdest thing about it was that while they said I came off very dominant, I actually felt extremely submissive doing it.

It's known as service topping, I think. LOL

PantheraPardus said...

Nothing wrong with that. :) kind of the best of both worlds.